sexta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2015

9th PURCHASE - TOWARDS R$ 10,000.00


Analyzing the most important events in Brazilian economic in this month, we can observe a profound pessimist due a sum of many factors. In first plan, the downfall price commodities. In second, the corrosion of politician environment. All these factors simultaneously are confirmed with the statistics current of main organism government evaluation.  As might be expected, after the cutting of Brazil rating, Standard & Poor's announced on Thursday afternoon (10) the rating cut for several national companies. Among these companies are the main Bovespa index Petrobras and Ambev.

Furthermore, there are too a psychological factor, triggered by a large numbers of negative notices, that affect the daily of general people, companies and other liberal institutions. The insistence of Brazilian government in to focus on growth credit to elevate consume, relegating in the background the necessary investments in infrastructure, reforms and cutting red tape has been proved devastating.

Solve all this problems require a great effort of liberal institutions. For long time, the economic Brazil development was based on continuous commodities price growth, due, among other things, the voracious appetite of the Chinese giant. In this context, the national politic exportation do not gave priority the amplification of portfolio Brazilian exportation which can be considerate an extreme evaluation error.
In this sense, to reduce the weight of state machine and your presence in population daily require a great effort in toward of a better management of public resources.


In this month, taking advantage of lower historical prices of most actions, I gave more emphasis for investments in the banking sector and construction. The price reduction and the markets during these two years, is the sign of a "pent-up demand" that certainly put pressure on asset prices in a long term analysis

September investments:      R$   126,80
Total  Investments:             R$ 3263,37

Purchase’s Month

As we can see four active focus of my portfolio the main losses of the portfolio. A long-term view in all these indicate high growth potential

With regard to dividends received during the month of analysis, we can see that this was the second best month in the historical series. Of total investments (R $ 135.60), about R $ 15.60 (11.50%) were reinvested dividends porfolio. In other words, my dear friends, there lies the great magic of the stock market, the investments themselves entering what we might call a motoperpétuo the investor over time will leaving need of capital have that investments work for you .

Hugs to all friends and good investment!
"Your earnings grow to the same extent that you grow!" - The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind - T. Harv Eker