terça-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2015

12th PURCHASE - TOWARDS R$ 10 000,00

Macroeconomic analysis

This month was characterized by wide variation in the Brazilian stock market. The uncertainties resulting from the political environment continue to haunt the price of the assets of the leading companies in the country, especially those classified as blue chips that still sinking in historical minimum.

Moreover, the recent departure of news finance minister Joaquim Levy, famously regarded as an orthodox economic policy of the government, represented the arrival of rock bottom of confidence indices in the prestige of fiscal adjustment. Its output is increasingly a darker return to inflation and demagogic policy implemented by the so-worked especially in the government of Dilma Rousseff.

Month investments

This month is continued in order to take advantage of the decreasing value of the assets of the largest companies with the focus to gain market value in the resumption of infrastructure sector growth. The expectation for the next five years is mainly demand pressure to return to China commodities and consequently a more rational policy of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) in the sense of control of their production demand to price the international market product. A redirection of the market in these two fronts will certainly be beneficial both Petrobras and Vale.

Investment performance

Consistent with the fall of most assets, investments were characterized by losses in the month and early losses with the respective values ​​of -6.66 and -13.67% long while the Ibovespa in the month marked loss of -1.63%. The performance of the portfolio below the average of the exchange's shares indicates the need for Moved profile of my actions for the coming months. Income from dividends in the month were disappointing and only totaled the amount of R $ 0.16.

As can be seen total investments exceeded the barrier of R $ 4.0000 and the total losses of assets add up to just over 10%. Considering the current context of crisis and uncertainties that value can even be considered subtle. Looking at the individual results with both SBSP3 EMBR3 estam positive gains higher than 15% while ALPA4, and BBSE3 VALE5 suffer approximate loss of respectively 30, 30 and 40%.

The chart below of the idea of ​​the percentage loss and weight of each asset in the overall composition of the portfolio. This information is important for decision-making either for the balance of the portfolio as the purchase or sale of the asset.

The overall portfolio growth despite the total amounts less than the initial investment keeps increasing with time. This will remain the logic behind the partrimônio growth: regular contributions and concrete choice of the asset.

Hugs to all friends and good investment!
"Your earnings grow to the same extent that you grow!" - The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind - T. Harv Eker