quinta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2015

10th PURCHASE - TOWARDS R$ 10 000,00


The past month was full of negative notices about the movements of brazillian government. There are two things that are tipical of brazilian politics , one this thing is treat the public opinion in a irrelevant manner the second is the contempt for the money and public finances

While a great number of workers are achieved for the  worst rates growth  in the last decades the political class continues with the same fixed idea in your minds: growth of tributation of brazillian tributation chain. This system is deeply corrosive. The Brazilian population: the middle class, small and large companies can not bear to sustain public gigantic machine that brought the country that consumes resources, it absorbs opportunities and generates astronomical wealth and poderios the hand of regressive political.

Moreover all these regressive political choices proved over the last few years a continuous obstacle to balance the public accounts, by opting for the easy way out fostering credit to the detriment of investment in basic industry party has shown unequivocally are technical inability to high-level decisions.

The sentiment of most brazilians is the desire to structural changes, that end up with major infrastructure bottlenecks and bureaucracy that both hinder the country's development in a continuous and sustainable manner. The option remains the acting government of favoring the "king's friends" through the most distorted  advantage possible: trust positions, high salaries, personal benefits are not parameters even in the most "dirty" court of the medieval kingdoms.

Investment’s month

The strategy is to continue increasing my risk of exposure in two fronts: growth dividends exposure and risk investment portfolio. This had the objective to win development in long term.


This month I prioritize investments in historical good stocks with dividend payments and raised the percentage of them in my overall portfolio. Thus, I become less subject to the variability of the capital market, different decisions currently adopted in a challenging context such as this do not usually bring good results.

After approximately one month the amount invested stagnant growth was higher losses due to the negative scene. Such information is investment maturity hint and good long-term prospects

From the gains by means of dividend that month was the best of all historic cycle, which is an amazing result is indicative of the correct strategic choice.

Hugs to all friends and good investment!
"Your earnings grow to the same extent that you grow!" - The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind - T. Harv Eker


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  1. Hi Investidor Falido, I liked that your whole blog is in english, good way to practices the grammar and writting on something that is important for us, investments. I liked the way which you diversificate your wallet too. I'm happy to find out that you are getting your degree in engineer as me. I will put you on the list of partners on my blog. Success!

  2. This year I have stipulated to me achieve complete fluency in English and this is being very important. That's a real necessity considering the TOEFL which is a requirements for master's degree who I intend to follow next year.

    I felt on your skin when I read "The root of the problem, women." The first experience is always something remarkable, however, grow with the problems and seek to become better and better should be the motivation, after all, we are here using the prejudices unreasonable about evolution (laughs), was because our ancestors did not content with the limitations imposed on them.

    Thus we must always move on (as sings Dione Warwich "Walk On by") and evolve with the look in the future.

    Best regard.Sucess!